A/V Materials, Performing the Reformation

Performing the Reformation was originally published as a book with accompanying DVD. Footnotes in the Book (labelled, for example, as ‘⨀ DVD: Introduction’) no longer direct the reader to a DVD but to this website. The materials on the DVD are now delivered online, here. The video and photography produced are not to be considered “extras” or “supplementary” to the book. Rather, the book and the DVD were treated by the author as two pieces of a whole, meant to be read and viewed in concert.


Images in Book (color)


Images From Luther’s Wedding, 2005

Luther Protests



Luther’s Wedding Brochure

Reformation Day Brochure

Questions for the Classroom

Below is a set of questions that can be used in the classroom, or to further the reader’s interaction with the book, images, and videos. In the first printing of the book, images and documentary videos were included on a DVD. The DVD has now been removed, and these A/V materials are available online, here.

Performing Reformation, Questions